10 Easy and Intresting Ideas for Your Book Blogs

1. Book/Series Reviews

Talk about the biggest DUH. That’s what comes up in everyone’s minds when they think of a book blog and its posts.

2. Book Suggestions/lists

Pick a topic and suggest a list of your top favorite books in that topic.

3. Author/Blogger Interviews

There are two different ways to contact a author for an interview. You can either go through the author directly or contact the publicist. I usually contact the authors directly for an interview, but the ways of approach changes from how busy the author is.

4. Funny Book Pictures

This is pretty stupid, and you don’t see it a lot(probably because it’s stupid), but I like it because through this I get to share funny pictures that only bookworms would understand with my viewers, which is the best feeling in the world.

5. A list of blog post ideas to give other ideas (like this one)

Well, the sub-title basically sums it up.

6. Cover reveal

Now, I haven’t have a chance to do this yet, since I’m not very experienced with this and is a little bit rusty with how it works. Also, all of my anticipated books already released their covers, so there really isn’t that much covers to be revealed. But that does not mean you should not do a cover reveal on your blog!

7. Top 10 books of the year list

I actually did this one before, but then later deleted it because I forgot to save it. This is a really good idea, and also reminds you to always save.

8. A list of blogging tips

For future bloggers and blogger wannabes. You never know, your post may vastly improve someone’s blog 🙂

9. Make a Reading Challenge of the Month or Year

I actually got mine from another website that I found on Pinterest, but I suggest you to make your own, since that is what I would do in 2017.

10. Survey

A fun survey for your viewers to enjoy while scrolling through your blog.

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