What Exactly are ‘Bad Boys’ in Books?


For the longest time, all I cared about books is that the hate/love relationship is good (and that there is a hate/love in the book). If I really think about it, I had never really asked for ‘bad boys’.

So what exactly are bad boys?

This topic popped into my head after YouTube suggested me a video of a booktuber talking about bad boys (thanks YouTube). So to answer the question, and for me to understand, I first used Goodreads to search ‘Popular Bad Boys Books’. By looking at what kind of books are categorized as ‘bad boys’, I can get a better idea of what kind of characters are bad boys.

And immediately a few familiar titles popped out. And then a few favorite titles popped out.

It ended up that half the guys that I liked, half the books that I read, half the hate/love relationships I had read involved bad boys. So it seems like I’ve already lied to half the population by saying I’ve never read bad boy books, and probably will never enjoy them.

Well, shit.

The reason it never exactly occurred to me that these boys would be bad boys because…well I just assumed they’re jerks. And not all of them are exactly ‘playboys’, so I didn’t really think of them as bad boys.

Dictionary Definition: a man who does not conform to approved standards of behavior, especially in a particular sphere of activity.

Although alpha bad boys are usually the poster people for the image of bad boys, a bad boy doesn’t have to be a heart-breaker or an alpha. There are many kinds of bad boys. Of course, the lothario men such as most notably James Bond are only after the alphas as the most well-known bad boys for a reason. They are the true heart-breakers. They are men who are gifted with natural charms to swoon women to their bindings.

But even if the guy is not exactly a heart-breaker, he counts if he’s the total package – and at the same time is a dickhead who speaks insulting sarcasm as a third language (Jace Wayland, Mortal Instruments). Sherlock Holmes actually counts as a bad boy as well. His unattainable and mysterious ways kind of make him sexy, and he always gave up with an image of a man who doesn’t (or isn’t suppose to) have any weaknesses.

Then there’s the group of guys who seem really tough on the outside, but is actually a really good guy with strong humane morals on the inside, and is only a wreck because of his past or what he still has to go through (Reed, Paper Princess). This category also expands to guys who are arrogant, sassy and flirty men (usually the ‘second guy’ in books, e.g Rhysand from Court of Thorns and Roses and Loki from Trylle Trilogy). They are arrogant, but more jokingly than seriously. And often the sarcasm and jokes are just a mask to hide some of their brokenness, and what they had to go through in the past and present. It’s characters like these that had actual depths and layers to their characters – depths that we often only get glimpses of. This category of guys to me are the more realistic ones, generally because their flaws make them real.

But ultimately, no matter what kind of bad boys we’re reading, what makes them the best is how we watch they don’t ever start with the best intentions, but slowly evolve into the truly good person in them that was suppressed for so long through their growing love for the heroine. This is also why bad boys make some of the best have/love relationships.

What are some of your favorite bad-boy characters?

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Amazing Gifts For People Who Love Reading and Coffee


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Why Hollywood Is Failing At Making Another Successful Book Adaptation Franchise After “Twilight


Many of the highest grossing franchises are book adaptations, and we’re of course talking about the big names like “Twilight”, “Harry Potter”, and “The Hunger Games”. J.K Rowling’s wizarding world itself is the second highest grossing franchise of all time, following right behind the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Hollywood in a way got lucky with these franchises. Twilight was successful thanks to the book’s legion of loyal fans despite its reputation for a lousy story-line and one-dimensional characters. Suzanne Collins had already made herself a big name in YA society through her books way before the films were released.

As for J.K Rowling’s Harry Potter, It’s fricking Harry Potter. Like, seriously. Do I really need to explain this one.

These franchises are absolutely loved and adored by the public. They’re fricking legends now. Twilight has completely transformed the image of vampires and werewolves, and the Hunger Games Series has and will forever set the high bar for future dystopian or sci-fi book adaption franchises.

Hollywood doesn’t take the books seriously, no less whether or not it pleases the fans. They just want to use the name of the books to trick the book fans into making them money.

It has to be true. Or else why would Hollywood just never seem to honestly work hard and make a book adaptation good?

It makes sense from all these huge successes, Hollywood would try to recreate these franchises so they can make more money. However, after nearly a decade of YA teen fantasy romance book adaption films, the audience are starting to get sick of them. And all the back-to-back box office bombs such as Beautiful Creatures, Vampire Academy, The Percy Jackson Series, and The Mortal Instrument of Bones prove my point as well. But of course, from how these movies are terribly contributed in the failed box office performances.

Hollywood seemingly realized that as well, as YA book adaptions are still being made, but now moving more toward the dystopian and sci-fi genres. This strategy was not a total fault, as we can see through the financial successes of The Maze Runner and Divergent. However, both series just weren’t exactly able to live up to the success of The Hunger Games. The Divergent series itself after the first two films’ success is now on the decline, and its final installment would not have a theatrical release and would instead be released straight as into TV due to its highly disappointing box office and the previous’ film’s highly disappointing box office performance.

The Reason this series was a success in the first place is because the first film did the book justice. Of course, the movie would never be as good as the film, but at least they didn’t twist the plot ridiculously and followed the story line, and made some excellent casting choices. Shailene Woodley was a fantastic casting choice and she absolutely embodied the character perfectly – both characteristically and physically.

But Hollywood just can’t learn their lesson. Obviously trying to mimic the Harry Potter, Hunger Games, and Twilight franchise, their pathetic attempt to stretch Veronica Roth’s last book of the franchise into two parts so they can trick viewers into paying more money had totally backfired and slapped them hard in the face, making them pay the consequences dearly financially. Anyone who has read and knows Veronica Roth’s series well knows how her last book cannot and is not fit to be stretched that long. The story in the book was being wrapped up, and it’s just not enough to be made into two movies. So the film added twists and new elements in order to make it longer, which totally ruined it for the audience – especially the fans who came to see their favorite characters on the big screen.

I’ll admit – I’m totally biased here, but I believe certain factors of the first film Divergent’s is because it followed the story-line of the book, and it’s because of this many came to watch the second installment Insurgent. And even though the box office result was not high as the first film, it still ended with a strong performance of $130.2 million in North America, and $166.8 million in other territories, for a worldwide total of $297 million against the budget of $110 million. But those who came to watch Insurgent at the theaters, especially the readers, were absolutely enraged by it. Even Veronica Roth herself had admitted to being displeased by the changes Hollywood had done on the film. And say what you want, but this definitely effected the box office result for the next installment, Allegiant and resulting it to become an absolute box office bomb.

Hollywood needs to learn that they cannot just pick up a production, rush through it, change the contents randomly, turn it into a piece of crap and expect the readers to be easily fooled and help them earn money by paying to watch those movies. We are not stupid.

Yes, because it’s a favorite in the young adult genre the series would have lots of young adult fans. Yes, the viewers would be majority teenagers because of that. But no, they would not be easily fooled and pay for the crap you made in their favorite book’s name just because they’re young or whatever. They are not stupid.

No matter who the readers are, they would want to see the films do their favorite beloved books justice. No matter how much they love that series, if you make a crap out of it they would not go back and watch it.

It really infuriates me. Hollywood needs to realize that they can no longer not take the book fans seriously and needs to pay the time and effort to make a piece of work that the fans would be proud of. Every single fan would love to have their favorite characters on the big screen. If Hollywood does us and stories justice, we’ll be happy and they’ll earn money. Everyone’s happy. And yet they’re still too lazy to make a piece of work that is actually good.

It’s not hard. It really isn’t. The fans would be more than willing to pay and watch the movies if they’re done well. But Hollywood needs to make them good first.

Of course, Hollywood would still have successful book-movie adaptions here and there, but if any of them can ever live up to “The Big Three”, we would never know. There really isn’t much to say, who knows what the future would hold.

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How to Create a Reading Playlist Perfect for Reading


Try To Go Lyrics Free

Try to read words while listening to words can be a little bit distracting. It’s like reading two different books with each of your single eyeballs (this analogy is creepy but true). I personally suggest classical music or if you have a more modern taste, classical covers of modern songs.

Artists like The Piano guys and Lindsey Stirling makes some of the best classical and instrumental covers of modern songs, and they’re also my personal favorites.

But If You Have To, Try Softer Modern Songs

Grace VanderWaal. Her songs are really sonf, but still modern and generally really good. I am still waiting for her to release new music, but her songs would be a great fit not only for reading, but studying too. Of course, some people still prefer modern songs with lyrics, or lyrics just don’t bother them. If that’s the case, I suggest artists like

Youtube has its perks

Go to YouTube and search “Relaxing Music”, and you’ll get a whole hell of a long list of “hour long relaxing music for studying and reading.” But many of that music are extremely soft, and more fitting for mediation than reading. So I suggest instead of just searching relaxing music, search “Jazz Relaxing Music” or “Relaxing Pop/Hip-Pop Music”.


Why The Kindle is Awesome, and Why You Should Get a Kindle


1. It’s convenient for taking notes

This might not sound like a lot, but it can be extremely convenient if you use it to study, for work, or even just for pure entertainment. When I read books for review on my kindle, whenever I came across a thought of improvement or a mistake I came across, I’ll always highlight it or make a note so I wouldn’t forget it when I write the review. Of course, you can still do that with print books, but you have to have sticky-notes or at least pens with you.

2. It’s cheap

Because it doesn’t cost print money, kindle ebooks are always cheaper, and are are suppose to be cheaper than print books.

3. It’ll save you from an emotional catastrophe if you can’t find the print book anywhere

If you can’t find a squeal to a book, or you just aren’t able to find books interesting to read in bookstores, here is where kindles come it. Trust me, it can save you from an emotional breakdown when you can’t find a specific book, because I swear like Amazon have every single book on earth, some even not printed. Which leads me to my next point.

2. You’ll have a higher chance of finding your next favorite Series on Kindle

Because the kindle runs online, you have literally an ultimately access to books that are not even printed, or the chances of you every finding one by accident in a book store are slim to none. And because of the wide varieties, you’ll find a good book you’ll love easier on Kindle, also because websites such as Amazon will help you search through you history, which they use to see what kind of books you like.

4. They offer free samples

This is probably by far one of the things I love most about kindles. When you buy a book from a bookstore, they’re always wrapped, and it’s not like the cashier would cut it open for you to take a sneak peak. You make decisions on the blurb on the back and the blurb alone. That’s not very safe, and you may make many bad choices because you just don’t have enough information to deem if you’ll enjoy the book or not. Kindles offer you free samples, so you can download it for free. And after you read the samples if you like it you buy it, and if you don’t…well, it can save you another 3 dollars, and that can become a lot over time. You have no idea how many times this saved me from buying the wrong book. Of course, it’s not perfect, but still much better than just reading a blurb, right?

5. Bring all your books in one place

Yes! We’re finally here! This is probably the most said and repeated advantage of a kindle. Because you can bring all your book at once without the weight of the actual book, kindles are perfect for events like traveling and vocations. Although it’s an amazing feeling to have collections of print books, but when you want to read multiple books away from your collection, kindle’s your guy.

6. Perfect for night owls

Not like you should be reading at night (at least not encouraged), everyone should be getting their sleep. But what I’m saying is that kindles, especially Kindle Paperwhites, are made to reduce damage to the eyes. The Kindle Paperwhites have four tiny LED lights buried underneath its black plastic bezel, which can be adjusted depending on the amount of light in the room, and the lighting required.


7 Reading Hacks All Bookworms Need To Know


There aren’t that many hacks out there for us book-lovers out there, and I really hope that you would enjoy this list of hacks, and hopefully this can simplify your reading life in the best ways possible.

1. Audio books aren’t as bad as it sounds

I wasn’t really opened to audio books as an option in the beginning too. When I first heard about audio-books, I absolutely refused to try it, because I fear it’ll ruin the character’s unique voice in my head forever. But now I can assure you, the pros definitely outweighed the cons. It’s extremely convenient when you want to give your sore eyes some rest, and lets you ‘read’ when you’re lying down, and when you’re not reading. Audio-books would also come in handy when you want to read and don’t have the spare hands. Nowdays, thanks to the different variety of technologies and companies, it’s easier and cheaper for you to download and get these audio-books. Amazon’s Whispersync allows you to sync your ebooks with the audio-book version so you don’t have to waste time looking for the place you left off in the audio-book, and you can download audio-books from places like Audible.

2. Free books everywhere

It may seem too good to be true, but (happily), it’s true. I know right? Something as good as this exists??!! Of course you can just google the book and if you’re lucky you can find PDF versions of it and download it to your devices, or read it online for free in websites such as 8novels, but it can be awfully inconvenient and harmful to your eyes in this case. But did you know there are websites such as Instafreebie which allows you to download mobi files for your kindles to download just by simply signing up for author newsletters. It’s amazing! What other joys are there for a reader than free books?

7. Project Gutenberg

If places like instafreebie is for you to find free new and modern books, sites like Project Gutenberg would be a place for you to download and get the classics for free. The have over 45,000 free classics book in formats such as pdf, epub, and mobi. And you don’t even need to create a account or register.

4. Always try bring a book with you whenever you go

No matter how amazing the feeling is when you sit down and read in a cozy environment, sometimes busy lives and schedules just don’t allow us to do that. There would always be a time of open though – whether you’re waiting in line, waiting for a meeting, or just waiting for a class to start. You can use those spare times for good use, and before you know it you’ll realize you’ve already finished a book.

5. Read alone

I can’t be the only one who does this, but…things can tend to become emotional when one reads. I had screamed, laugh, and sobbed, all which I would prefer not to be seen in public. People will give you a weird look. This ‘hack’ is probably more than a tip, learned from my own experiences, but wouldn’t hurt to keep in mind.

6. Double check the library doesn’t already have the book you’re planning to buy before you buy them

If you have to pay for your own books with your own allowances (like me), you do not want to experience the regret and anger when you realize the library have the book you waste your money buying. Of course, if you want to buy it because you want to keep it, go ahead. But if you don’t know if the book is good or not and don’t want to misuse your money, this ‘hack’ can actually be pretty useful to you.

7. Make a bookmark out of the collage of all your favorite things

I’ve had this idea for so long now, but I’ve never actually got to do it. Doesn’t make it a bad idea though. It would represent and unite all the stuff you love, so you don’t have to worry about losing your bookmark again. I love all my bookmarks, but it’s one of the things that you will lose and never find again. So it wouldn’t be a bad idea to have just one bookmark that you love, rather than having 100 bookmarks that you also love but would lose. Websites that make Wordles can be a good idea too, since they can make beautiful pictures out of lists of things you love.


12 Fun Saturday Writing Prompts


Readers and writers are one. It wouldn’t hurt for readers to write once it a while. Here are some amazing prompts I found, inspired by, or came up by myself for you to enjoy. Some of these can be used as funny, entertaining short stories, while others I can actually see be turned into real novel stories. Let the writings begin!

1. You found a suicide note that’s yours. It’s your handwriting, something you would say, and it’s no doubt yours. The date is 3 days later. Apparently you’re in a time loop until you find a way to stop yourself from killing yourself. It’s not easy as it sounds, and you must defeat fate and death itself in order to win.

2. It seemed like a good idea yesterday

3. You’re a kid’s imagery friend. He’s growing up. You’re fading away.

4. Describe the Days of Week as if they’re people

5. You are a physiologist in a session with a patient. Halfway through you realize that it’s you from the future. You must use this session to restore future catastrophes, and safe yourself. It’s a story about facing your own fears and curing your own wounds.

6. The delivery guy collapsed in front of you at your door after he gave you a package. Before he went unconscious, with glassy eyes he said, “do not believe anything I say after I wake up”.

7. You found a glass globe in the middle of the snow. You shook it.

8. You can read minds, but whenever you read it you have to yell it out loud whatever they’re thinking

9. 50 years ago, a major city was quarantined, with a tall wall built around it and no traffic in or out. Every five years, a lone scientist is sent inside to study the city. Today, it is your turn. What do you find?

10. You were playing with your sandwich bread in the kitchen by drawing shapes with mustard and ketchup, and before you know it you’ve accidentally made the magical occult symbol and summoned the demon from hell in a Saturday morning.

11. You found a old piece of newspaper slipped into your locker. It has a section of missing children. You recognized yourself in one of the pictures.

12. Every-time you pickup a discarded penny, you have to experience the last five minutes of the person who dropped it

Some of these can make some amazing stories that I really want to read (especially number 9). If you have any other ideas you would like me to add, or stories you wrote from these prompts, please please PLEASE send them to me because I would love to read them. Feel free to send them to me on my twitter account (https://twitter.com/_AnneBlogger) or my facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/AnneClarenceBlogger/). And maybe if I have enough, I might even make a new collection of these short stories and post them on my blog, since I know others would love to read them as well.


Upcoming Book Tour


Hey guys, I was just invited to a book tour by the amazing blogger, Susan Barton. She’s releasing her new book Emotional Paramedics, which is free on Amazon right now. You can download it here. Go download and check it out, it’s a great book!

I’ll also be posting a book review on that book on October 17, so remember to check it out!

Also remember to check out her beauiful blogs!




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