Amazons Must Haves for My Dream Reading Room Part I

Diamond-shaped wall mirrors.

For the fantasy aesthetics. Duh.

Mini frige to store my favorite snack and drinks.

I need somewhere to store my drinks and snacks that I can’t leave out in the room all day. Also, I can store beauty products and other things that require cooling here, so I know it would be extremely convenient because I can just do whatever I need to do with the fridge in my room as I continue reading.

Phone holder so I can play things in the background without having to hold it up.

Mini water dispenser cause a hoe needs to stay hydrated, since smut can cause people to become very thirsty.

Also has a hot water option for tea, which is a huge plus.

Anti-spill cup holder (cue my clumsiness).

Everytime I spill something I swear the fear in my veins are potent enough to summon my mother out of thin air to kill me.

3 in one lamp: charger, speaker, and different lighting.

It can charge, it can speak, and it can light up your life like dynamite. Great things always come in threes, and this lamp is no exception.

Galaxy light projector to set the mood.

Listen if I die before getting a chance to re-read A Court of Thorns and Roses under this galaxy light projector I would actually haunt everyone.

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